About Us

Solid Furniture Company: What we do

We are a growing company with deep roots in the Cincinnati area.   We work with people who cherish high quality handmade woodcraft products.  The materials we choose, such as walnut, or wild burl are crafted to your exact specifications.  Committed to locally sourced materials.    A good custom furniture maker will be more than happy to show you their previous work, which helps you get an idea of the quality pieces that they deliver. Like the best in the business, we are also excited to listen to your ideas so that  vision inside your head turns into something beautiful that will soon be taking pride of place in your home. If you are struggling to find the furniture you want in the usual furniture stores, why not take a look at what a custom woodworker like Solid Furniture Company can do for you.

Project Satisfaction

If you have ever thought about giving any of the rooms in your home a total makeover, your starting point would probably be changing out the existing furniture. Doing this means going from store to store and eventually settling for pieces that come close to fitting the bill, but which somehow still fall short. Very often, a little bit of buyer’s regret comes later, when you discover that the new furniture that you paid a lot of money for is simply not up to the standard you had hoped for. The best way around this issue is to deal with artists who create furniture reproductions via custom woodworking.  


So, what exactly can you expect when you turn your idea over to Josh Brenneman who is an accomplished custom woodworker? You can expect to get quality made pieces that can be something totally new and exciting, or perhaps a stunning reproduction of a chair or table that can serve as the perfect replacement for a beloved piece that is now beyond its natural life cycle. The pieces that you choose can be larger talking point pieces, or they can be something small for a small space. You can even get a custom cutting board that will be a one of a kind addition to your new kitchen.