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Unique tables using only the best materials and craftsmanship.

The Beauty of Custom Furniture

 If you have ever thought about giving any of the rooms in your home a total makeover, your starting point would probably be changing out the existing furniture. Doing this means going from store to store and eventually settling for pieces that come close to fitting the bill, but which somehow still fall short. Very often, a little bit of buyer’s regret comes later, when you discover that the new furniture that you paid a lot of money for is simply not up to the standard you had hoped for. The best way around this issue is to deal with artists who create furniture reproductions via custom woodworking. 

You can expect that when you go with a custom woodworking piece is that only the best materials will be used. Wood artisans like Josh Brenneman are well aware of which types of wood will work best for the piece you want, and they will even go with reclaimed wood to provide a look that makes your piece appear as though it is an antique when it was in fact just handcrafted a few days prior. In short, you get the flexibility to have a piece created that is perfect for your space, which is not something that you get with the average furniture store.